Merry Christmas 2016 Songs

Merry Christmas 2016 Songs – The Song and the music are the part and parcel of any kind of celebration whether it is religious or cultural. Right from the pre-historic days, the men are known to have playing music during celebrations which are evident from their illustration on the cave walls. Even in the Vedic period, we get the evidence of earliest forms of songs called as Yajna songs which were sung during the time of auspicious sacrifice or Homas & Yojjgas. It was also true in the case of any other civilizations such as Mesopotamian or Egyptian. Every civilization and time had their own songs for celebration. So it is no wonder that Songs will be made on account of Christmas. Merry Christmas 2016 Songs


About The Earliest Christmas Songs:

The earliest hymns for Christmas appeared for the first time in 4th Century Rome. At the beginning, the lyrics were written in rich Latin language by some renowned personalities like Archbishop of Milan, Amborse. During 9th and the 10th Centuries, the Christmas sequences were developed by the North European monasteries which had been rearranged in a rhythmic version by Bernard of Clairvaux. In the 12th Century, Adam of Saint Victor, a Persian monk started to extract music from widespread songs, again created or introduced something nearer to the traditional Christmas carols. Merry Christmas 2016 Songs


A Vernalized Version Of Christian Songs:

But until now one thing you need to consider that the Christmas songs were not written in local languages. It is only by the 13th Century under the leverage of Francis of Asissi, Christmas songs were sung in the local native vernaculars in countries like France, Germany and particularly in Italy. It is developed in English by John Awdlay in 1426. Now here it should be mentioned that the songs, primarily known as carols were a kind of communal folk songs which were sung on account of harvesting crops. Later these communal folks were adopted as a musical symbol of Catholic Christianity. Merry Christmas 2016 Songs


Merry Christmas 2016 Songs:

At the pick of Protestant Reformation Movement by Martin Luther, Carol songs suffered a significant decline. Though the protestant reformers began to write their own songs and encouraged a trend of new Christian songs during 18th Century. This new trend can be found in the works of Charles Wesley, Felix Mendelsshon and William Sandy. Among the then popular songs mention can be made of the songs like ‘Silent Night’, ‘Good King Wenceslas’, ‘Once in Royal David’s City, ‘Hark! The Herald Angles Sing’ and so on


When The Christmas Songs Went Beyond Religion:

But the Christmas songs underwent a major transformation during the late 18th century and early 19th Century when the Christian songs actually took a secular shape. Songs such as ‘Deck the Halls’, ‘Jingle Bells’ loudly proclaimed their popular existence. And during mid- 19th century the whole concept of Christmas songs had been changed. It was when the ingredient of Christmas songs was injected to the idea of social revolution to fight against social and economic discrimination and in order to ensure social justice all over the world and songs were begun to be made-


“So this is Christmas, & what have you done?

Another year over, a new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas…I hope you have Fun

The near and dear ones..the old and the young;

And so this is Christmas..for weak and for strong

For rich and poor ones- the road is so long.

And So Happy Christmas..for black and for white

For yellow and the red ones..let’s stop all the fight.”

—– John Lenon

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